About us

What is Heeldrag?

I wanted to create HEELDRAG to personally curate a selection of products that you will LOVE to wear until they are beat, aka reach that “heeldrag” condition. It takes a lot of love to wear something that many times, but the ultimate goal is to provide products that you will love THAT much.

Every shoe in our collection is 100% authentic, otherwise your money back GAURANTEED.

Rupal Singh

About the Company

Heeldrag offers a curated collection of vintage air force 1s and other vintage footwear at unbeatable prices. This is a one of a kind collection that cannot be found elsewhere. We go the extra mile to source pairs throughout the various eras of air force 1 & nike history. Please feel free to DM on instagram if you are looking for a specific pair!

Since most products are pre-owned, each pair is checked for authenticity (expert in legit checking vintage nike) and condition. Every product has a brief outline of its condition in the product description section of each product page.

Additionally, we aim to publish the colorways, style codes, production dates, and other miscellaneous information about each product we sell, in order to create an ever-expanding air force 1 encyclopedia. Every shoe in our collection is 100% authentic, otherwise, your money back guaranteed.

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