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Now offering midsole swaps for vintage air force 1s! One of the biggest issues when it comes to wearing vintage af1s is the squishy/flat midsole, which happens when the air unit/foam inside of the midsole crumbles over time leaving no cushioning left within the sneaker. This is one of the only conditions that can make an af1 unwearable. In the past, people have used sole swaps to fix this, but in my opinion, the newer midsole quality never matches up properly with the vintage upper. AND you have to pay for/find the proper donor sole. In order to solve this problem, we spent time sourcing a replacement foam material that can make your af1s wearable again while keeping the vintage soles in tact, NO DONOR REQUIRED! This service includes the midsole replacement, as well as a full re-glue and re-stitching so separation will no longer be an issue as well. You can now extend the life of your grails by 20+ years, which is crazy to think about if the sneaker is already 10-20+ years old. We will be offering other restoration services as well, including deoxidation, deep cleaning, sole swaps/re-glues, repainting, and any other type of restoration you can think of.

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Restoration Services Offered:

$250 – Air Unit Swap (Air Force 1, Dunk, or Jordan 1) – Replace the old and crumbled air unit with a brand new custom made one. Includes full re-glue and re-stitching.

$250+ – Sole Swap (any sneaker, donor not included) – Price is determined on a case by case basis. We will request pictures to determine the final price.

$50 – Deep Cleaning (add +$20 for conditioning, restores dull and aged leather)

$40 – Deoxidation/Un-yellowing

$80 – Deep Cleaning + Deoxidation + Conditioning

$300 – Air Unit or Sole Swap + All Cleaning Services (Full Package Deal)

*Shipping/Return Shipping are included in the price within the US. International Customers – feel free to request a shipping quote.

**Turnaround time for cleaning only is 2-3 weeks and 6-8 weeks for air unit/sole swaps

***Multiple pairs (2 or more, air unit or sole swap only) will have a $20 discount per pair

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